C-97 Stratofreighter at the Don Q Inn

One of only a couple dozen surviving C-97 Stratofreighters, this plane’s fate saw it flown into the now-closed Dodgeville Municipal Airport in Wisconsin and then was towed to the Don Q Inn, where it now sits in a field.


The Don Q Inn is located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin

In 1977 Don Quinn bought a Korean War vintage C97 Stratofriegther, had it flown and parked outside his hotel.


The C97 was developed by Boeing toward the end of World War II

The original plan for the military transport aircraft was to open it as a coffee shop. The coffee shop failed to take shape. However, The plane has appeared in a Mercury Cougar commercial with Farrah Fawcett.

There are stairs up to an open door, and it can be viewed free of charge.

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