Forty Mile Point Lighthouse, Roger’s City, Michigan

Forty Mile Point Lighthouse is located on the northern shoreline of Lake Huron and is 40 miles sailing distance from Mackinaw Point. The light was completed in November 1896 and was first lit in spring 1897 and is still operating today. The Lighthouse is 53 feet tall.


Forty Mile Point Lighthouse was built so that when sailing from Mackinaw Point to Saint Clair River, one would never be out of viewing range of a lighthouse.

250 feet from the lighthouse is remains of the shipwreck of Joseph S Fay.






The Joseph S Fay was built in 1871 and was the first built Great Lakes freighter built for iron ore trade.

On October 19, 1905, the ship was en route carrying iron ore from Escanaba, Michigan to Ashtabula, Ohio. On their route the wind shifted violently, the ship Rhodes being towed by Fay was broke free taking a portion of the Fay’s stern with her. The Fay was being swept to shore in sinking condition. Her bow struck a sandbar and the entire forward cabin was torn off. Huge waves lifted the structure and carried it to shore where it washed up on the sandy beach near the lighthouse.


Some have said the Forty Mile Point Lighthouse is to be haunted. Some think it could be the First Mate who did not make it when he attempted to swim. On December 4, 1905, a body of a man was found on the beach about one mile away, that was thought to be him.