Eagle Harbor

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse on the Keweenaw Peninsula

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse on the Keweenaw Peninsula Eagle Harbor, Michigan Eagle Harbor Light is an operational lighthouse located in Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County, Michigan. The original lighthouse was built in 1851 and was replaced in 1871 by the present brick structure, which is a Michigan State Historic Site. Eagle Harbor light is one of serval…

Old Fort Niagara Light Front

Old Fort Niagara Light – Youngstown, NY

Old Fort Niagara Light – Youngstown, NY Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse is located on the grounds of Fort Niagara, on the south shore of Lake Ontario in New York state. Fort Niagara Lighthouse was established in 1782 on the roof of Fort Niagara “French Castle.” Its purpose was to prevent vessels sailing at night from…


Niagara Falls – Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls is at the international boundary between the United States of America and Canada. Niagara Falls is comprised of three waterfalls, the Horseshoe Falls, also known as the Canadian Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. All the water comes from the streams and rivers that empty into the great lakes from…

French Canyon

Starved Rock State Park – Utica, Illinois

Starved Rock State Park – Utica, Illinois Starved Rock received its name for an event that allegedly took place there about 1770.  According to Native American tradition, some Peoria Indians who came under attack by a war party of Potawatomi Indians suffered starvation when trapped on atop the 125-foot rock with food or water. (http://www.museum.state.il.us/)…

Dunkirk Lighthouse

Dunkirk Lighthouse & Veterans Park Museum

Dunkirk Lighthouse & Veterans Park Museum Dunkirk, New York You can locate the Dunkirk Lighthouse by following the shoreline of Lake Erie from Buffalo. This is a historic lighthouse that may be home to numerous ghosts. It is believed that the Dunkirk Lighthouse is haunted by spirits of the artifacts of former owners that are…

Christmas Story House

A Christmas Story House – Cleveland, Ohio

The town in the film Christmas Story was based in Hammond, Indiana. But the 1983 movie was filmed mostly in Cleveland, Ohio because it resembled an Indiana suburb in the 1940s.  The famous house is located at 3159 W. 11th st Cleveland, Ohio. The house is opened to the public year around. “FRAGILE (FRA-GEE_LAY) It…

Meigs Falls Tennessee

Meigs Falls, Tennessee

Meigs Falls is also located in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee The lower falls is located along Little River Road. The upper Meigs Falls can be accessed by the Meigs Creek Trail from the Sinks Park area.


The Sinks, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

The Sinks Falls is located in the Smoky Mountains National Park along Little River Road. At this scenic roadside stop, there is a cliff that is 50 feet tall that people enjoy jumping off. It is strongly advised against jumping off the rocks or swimming there as there is a strong undertow and currents around…